Youth Advisory Board

What is the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?

The YAB is a group of 10-12 young people, aged 16-25 from across England and Scotland who act as advisors to the EY Foundation.

YAB members sit on the board for two years and are responsible for bringing a young person’s perspective into every area of the EY Foundation’s work. As part of their role YAB members:

  • Attend quarterly YAB meetings to provide comments and feedback on key plans before they are taken to the Board of Trustees
  • Work with the EY Foundation team in a variety of ways including attending meetings, sharing feedback and ideas, contributing to social media or speaking at events
  • Have the opportunity to work on their own projects related to the EY Foundation

Why do we need a YAB?

The EY Foundation works to transform the futures of young people who most need support to succeed in the workplace. We understand we can’t do this alone and young people are our most important advisors.

The YAB are consulted on questions such as:

  • What do young people need right now to help them succeed in their careers?
  • How can we reach more young people digitally?
  • How can we improve our programmes?

Their insights and ideas as young people help guide the EY Foundation in our aim to support more young people.

Meet our current YAB

I am currently starting my career as a Management Consultant after studying History at the University of Birmingham.


Whilst being on the YAB, my favourite experience has been engaging with ambitious young people as they embark on their career, particularly when I helped organise and run a virtual Dragons’ Den event.

EY Foundation Team

I currently work for the Home office as a project manager - and soon i’ll be moving to a new job in the Department for International Trade as a business planner! My favourite part of being on the YAB is the people I have been able to work with and meet, and my favourite project has been supporting improvements to the Smart Futures programme.

EY Foundation Team

I am currently studying a Masters in Public Health at The University of Sheffield. My favourite part about being on the YAB is meeting amazing new people and being able to work on such a variety of projects.


My favourite project that I have taken part in is being a peer researcher working with the Learning and Work institute. Here I helped lead focus groups and formulate a report regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the Foundation’s programmes.

I’m a business analyst and I help organisations improve in the digital world using technology. I love being a YAB member as it has allowed me to develop many of my skills, learn new ones and explore different interests, all whilst helping to provide opportunities for young people from low-income backgrounds.


My favourite project has been upgrading the EY Foundation website, but I’ve also loved working on their social media and helping with recruiting potential trustees.

EY Foundation Team

I am a first year uni student studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My favourite part of being on YAB is the opportunity to meet other young people from different walks of life and learning from each other’s experiences.


Over the two years my favourite project was creating and facilitating the virtual dragons den. We were able to have full creative control and create something impactful.

EY Foundation Team

I currently work as an Assistant Vice President at Barclays. My favourite and most enjoyable projects have been the YAB’s Dragons Den and Impact Awards 2020. Being part of the YAB has been very fulfilling, especially where we have been involved in directly and positively impacting young lives. 

I recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Economics. I have since started a role at RSM as an Assistant Auditor. My favourite part of being on the YAB is being able to make a real impact on issues I care about such as young people's opportunity and social mobility.


My favourite project is tough to choose because there've been so many but one that stands out is the Dragon's Den Challenge which the YAB ran fully digital in the summer of 2020. It was great to see the young people who actually benefit from our work and also how quickly the YAB and the team were able to adapt under difficult circumstances. 

EY Foundation Team

I am 18 years old, and I am currently in university. Being a member of the YAB has been super exciting and such an enjoyment! This experience has led me to meeting new wonderful people and work on amazing projects, it has really changed my mindset for a more positive journey for the young people in the uk when it comes to higher education.

EY Foundation Team

I am the Vice Chair of the YAB. I recently graduated with a degree in Business and Finance and am currently a Business Expert at Metro Bank.


During my time in the YAB, my favourite project has been the podcast pilot where I was fortunate enough to host the first few episodes. We discussed current affairs, particularly focusing on racial inequality and the outrage which stemmed from the Black Lives Matter movement. The YAB has provided me with a platform to voice such opinions and encourage organisations to make the changes we want to see in the world. 

Photos by Tangerine Event Photography [www.tangerineeventphotography.co.uk]

I am a final year Law student at the University of Edinburgh. My favourite part of being on the YAB is the opportunity to help the EY Foundation reach and support more young people. My favourite project was helping interview EY Foundation Trustee candidates!

Can I be a member of the Youth Advisory Board?

To apply, you must be:

  • Aged 16-25
  • Live, work or study in one of the EY Foundation’s regions (London or the South East, the Midlands, the North or Scotland)
  • Willing to travel across the UK for meetings, if required, and attend regular meetings every three months

We welcome applications from young people who have taken part in our programmes, as well as those who haven't.

Please note a role with the Youth Advisory Board is voluntary; however, any travel, accommodation and ad hoc costs to take part will be covered by the EY Foundation.

If you have any queries about the YAB, you can always email us at: enquiries@eyfoundation.ey.com

How to apply

Applications open every two years. If you are interested in becoming a YAB member, register your interest below or keep an eye on our social media channels to find out when applications are next open.