Our Team

Meet our dedicated team who support all the work we do.

Our team members are based across our four hubs in the South, North, Scotland and the Midlands.

EY Foundation Team

Maryanne has worked in the public and private sectors, as well as with the voluntary sector and social enterprise for over 20 years. She started her career in education as a secondary school teacher and then worked extensively in local economic development, focusing in particular on the long term unemployed and marginalised communities. She joined KPMG’s public sector practice as a management consultant then moved to Atos Consulting, joining EY in 2007, whereby as a Director she worked within Business Development and Advisory as Lead for Education and Social Care until 2014.


In 2014, she then established EY Foundation as the Chief Executive in which the Foundation works across the UK with young people and giving them a great start in their working lives.

EY Foundation Team

I joined the EY Foundation in March 2014 ahead of its launch in July. Prior to taking on the acting-CEO role I was a member of the Leadership team, with responsibility for the charity’s strategic partnerships and collaborations, the diversification of income streams and expanding work with employers. Having worked in the sustainability and not-for-profit field over 12+ years I am passionate about the potential of cross-sector partnerships and the role businesses can play in helping to drive social change. 


The best piece of careers advice I’ve been given? You’ll spend a large chunk of your life at work, so work in a field/sector that you’re passionate about. You might not get there instantly but keep the focus. Don’t forget about volunteering – it’s an amazing way to build up your skills and add experience to your CV.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in April 2018 and I am responsible for stewardship of the Foundation’s governance, assurance, finances, and planning. I am a member of the leadership team.


I am passionate about learning, both in individuals and organisationally, and using that learning culture to strengthen our charity.


The best career advice I would give is to reflect constantly on what you are learning, how you are growing, and how all that you have learned and experienced prepares you for your next career move.

EY Foundation Team

I joined the Foundation in February 2017 and lead on all of our programmatic activity with young people and social entrepreneurs.

I have worked predominately in the third sector for the past 18 years and am passionate about developing the employability skills of young people through employer led/supported initiatives.


The best career advice I’d give is to find what makes you tick and don’t be afraid to change your mind – career journeys are never straight or indeed straightforward!

I joined the communications team in September 2018, where I’m responsible for the Foundation’s communications and influence activity. A key motivation in my role is helping to ensure every young person has the same opportunity to succeed, no matter their background. The best piece of careers advice I have been given is to pursue your passion – it makes work much more enjoyable!

I joined in September 2019 as Grants & Collaborations Leader and have been Acting Head of Income since March 2021.  My role is to develop, innovate and sustain support from individual giving, including HNWIs, events and grant-makers.


I enjoy the necessary scrutiny of a health of an organisation that fundraising affords, and the potent mix of storytelling and strategy you can use to bring people closer to your cause.


The best career advice I’ve been given is to get out of your own way!

I started working at the EY Foundation in May 2015 and have been working in the Finance team since. My role involves managing all the EYFs income and expenditure in preparation for the monthly accounts.


I am very passionate about what the EYF does and how much we’ve achieved so far.

I believe it is very important to understand what the charity does and be supportive of the work being done in order to strive in your role and do the best you can.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in August 2019 and my role is to generate income through Trust & Foundations, digital, traditional fundraising and National & International challenges and events.


I enjoy using the power of storytelling to show how if everyone (you, me, a big corporate or a trust) gets involved and gives a little, together we can give a lot and make positive- impactful changes to society.


A piece of career advice I would love to share is ‘bring your unique self and your perspective to work, put your hand up for tasks and projects that will challenge you and always leave the door open for opportunities – you never know where they can lead you’

EY Foundation Team

I joined in 2016 and am part of the programmes team. My role is to develop, organise and deliver our programmes to the young people we work with across the North.

I am passionate about working with young people and helping them realise their potential, my role is incredibly rewarding.


The best career advice I have been given is that even if you are good at a certain job/role, this does not automatically mean it’s the right job for you. Finding a job that you excel in and enjoy is key.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in April 2021 and my role is create and deliver a program which helps social enterprises grow. I believe people can and do change the world by coming up with ideas which contribute to social progress, and I love hearing how people have taken an idea and make it into a business, big and small. 


The best career advice I’ve been given is "be happy". Throughout my career I have also chooses areas that I had a passion for and this has in turn kept me happy!

EY Foundation Team

I am currently doing a maternity cover role in the Finance and Operations team, supporting the Leadership team in making strategic decisions and working closely with all teams in the Foundation to help us meet our long-term goals.


I enjoy seeing how our programmes inspire our young people to see all the possibilities out there and increase their confidence.


The best piece of career advice I’ve been given is to reach out to people whose jobs you find interesting or want to learn more about and ask them if they’d be willing to chat. Even if you don’t know them, people are normally willing to help – and even if they don’t reply you have been proactive and asked.

EY Foundation Team

I joined the team in 2017 and I lead the Southern Hub Team in co-ordinating the delivery of key programmes supporting young people.


I am passionate about providing opportunities for all young people and have over 15 years of experience in delivering and leading programmes that help achieve this aim.


The best career advice I’ve been given is if you are not sure what you want to do in future then the only way to find out is to seek out opportunities and learn through new experiences.

EY Foundation Team

I joined the Foundation when we launched in 2014, and have been very lucky to be involved in all aspects of the Foundation’s work from communications, to leading programme design and delivery, and more recently leading the growth of our work with employers across the UK.


I truly believe that every person has talent no matter what their background and experiences - and every day at work, the young people we work with validate this belief, which is why I’m so passionate about the work that we do at the Foundation.


The best careers advice I have had was “to do what you love” – I spent many years following someone else’s dream and expectations but when I stopped to think about what I wanted to achieve , the impact I wanted to have and the difference I wanted to make, my career journey took a different and much more rewarding path.

I joined in December 2019, my role is to manage our relationships with our employer partners, supporting their engagement with young people and securing income for the EY Foundation.


I enjoy bringing employers together to make an impact for young people – there are so many interesting careers out there, I love hearing about them from employers and help them bring these opportunities to young people.


The best career advice I’ve been given is that a career doesn’t have to be a linear progression, opportunities will arise and whichever path you go down you will enjoy and learn something from it and learn more about yourself!

EY Foundation Team

I have worked for EY Foundation since January 2018, initially in fundraising followed by a move into volunteer management. My role involves supporting volunteers who work with EY Foundation, and finding ways to connect these volunteers with the appropriate programmes. I really enjoy helping people to fulfil their full potential, whether they are young people or professionals looking to lend their time and expertise.


The best advice I have is to ask people about their own career journeys. People are always happy to offer guidance and advice if you ask. They were in your shoes once too!

EY Foundation Team

I joined in May 2021, and my role is within the Corporate Partnerships team. I find people from the working world to volunteer for speaking opportunities, to host our young people on work placements, and become partners to help fund our programmes.


I am passionate about making opportunities for young people more equal. I love seeing young people succeed based on merit, not just opportunity. I have worked in the charity sector for over 20 years in youth work and fundraising & partnerships.


The best piece of career advice I’ve ever been given: Be the best team mate you can be.  Support people in a way which helps them thrive!

I joined the foundation in October 2018 and my role includes engaging with schools and teachers in order to recruit for and deliver our employability programmes and workshops across Scotland whilst also working closely with volunteers and employer partners too.


I am passionate about supporting young people and helping them take the first steps in the early stages of their career goals and ambitions and helping them recognise and believe that they can achieve their ambitions regardless of the hurdles and barriers that they might face.


The best career advice I have received was “be confident and believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect an anyone else to.”

EY Foundation Team

I joined in May 2019 and I manage a variety of programmes aimed at helping young people to fulfil their potential through employability workshops, work experience placements, and mentoring schemes.


I am passionate about helping young people to enhance their skills and aspirations, and go on to fulfil their career ambitions. Through my roles in teaching and programme management, I have developed a broad range of knowledge and experience within the education sector.


The best career advice I have been given is to make the most of any opportunities which come your way, as you’ll develop the skills and gain the experiences, to help you get to where you want to be in your career.

EY Foundation Team

I have been at Foundation since October 2018 in the role of Head of Finance, Governance and Assurance. I am passionate about numbers and how finance has an impact on other areas of the business which ultimately impacts the delivery of the Foundations objectives.


The best career advice I have been given is you can only grow beyond where you are if you accept where you are in the first place.

I joined the Foundation in 2016 and lead all of our activity across the Midlands. As part of our Young People Services team, I’m responsible for working with our young people and employers to make sure they have access to diverse skills and talent.


As co-chair of our RaceForward working group, I also co-lead our diversity and inclusion initiatives, a strategic focus for the organisation. I ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded in everything we do to continuously strive to create an environment where all our young people, employees, volunteers and employers feel valued and have a sense of belonging. I am passionate about empowering future generations to realise their full potential.


My best career advice would be to find a job you enjoy and can help make a difference.

EY Foundation Team

I started working at the EY Foundation two years ago, joining the Programmes Team in the southern hub to support across all our programmes, delivering Smart Futures, Our Future, Employability Workshops and the Young Women’s Network.


I believe it is so important for young people to have the opportunities to develop their skills and confidence and be encouraged to grow their potential – similar programmes created amazing opportunities for me and I have worked to help create these opportunities since I was a young person, for a variety of organisations and charities.


I’ve been lucky to hear a lot of great advice throughout my career, the most impactful was a quote from Jane Goodall - “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”

EY Foundation Team

I joined in August 2019 and my role is to work closely with employers across a range of sectors to connect them to untapped talent through employability programmes and strategic partnerships.


I am strong believer in the need to reframe society’s thinking around work experience. Rather than viewing it as something altruistic that businesses should do to support young people, we need to recognise the incredible talent, skills and perspectives that young people have, and support employers to genuinely invest in and develop them, as their future talent pipeline. 


Best career advice I’ve been given? I’ve recently read Atomic Habits by James Clear in which he reminds us that every action we take is a vote for the type of person we’d like to become. This is an approach I think we can all apply to our careers as well.

I joined the EY Foundation in 2018 to develop the Foundation’s work with employers and am currently on secondment leading on the development and roll out of the new national employability programme Beyond Your Limits.


I have always been really inspired by the young people I’ve met across my career, having a little part in helping them achieve their ambitions, has always been hugely rewarding. I love working on new projects too and seeing big ideas come to fruition.


We’ve had some amazing volunteers on Beyond Your Limits sharing their experiences, they always talk about the importance of networking, being courageous and asking for opportunities like shadowing and going the extra mile to stand out.

EY Foundation Team

I joined the EY Foundation in February 2019, and I lead on the EY Foundation’s data and impact approach in relation to planning, monitoring, and evaluating our programmes and their wider societal benefit. Identifying opportunities to use our data to help drive continuous improvement is a further key aspect of his role at the organisation.


I have a passion for making data as accessible as possible; I’m a firm believer that harnessing data to help us ask better questions and design better solutions is the key to help drive organisational and social change. 


The best piece of career advice I would give is to have perseverance and never be scared to try new things as this will help you market your experience in an ever-changing world.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in June 2021 and my role is to create and deliver content for internal and external audiences and produce key campaigns, publications, and events.


I am a firm believer in the potential of business to contribute to social progress and enjoy learning about new and innovative mediums of communication.


The best career advice I’ve been given is that nothing you learn will ever be wasted, even if you end up moving in completely different directions across your career you will always make use of what you learn along the way.

I joined the EY Foundation in August 2021 after 7 years with EY - first within Financial Services Risk then UK&I Consultancy.


The move to the Foundation enables me to support the Leadership Team and Board of Trustees in their pivotal roles, whilst offering the personal satisfaction of contributing to a life-changing resource.


The best career advice I have been given is actually general life advice – to remember that people matter more than things; and to always treat others as you would wish to be treated.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in June 2017 as part of the Northern team and work on leading and delivering employability programmes for our young people. I have over 20 years of experience in charity, with a strong passion for moving and supporting young people into their next progression path.


The best career advice I was given was ‘’ Find a way to say yes to things. Say yes to invitations, say yes to meet new people, say yes to learning something new. Yes is how you will gain new experiences and opportunities which will help you grow’’.

EY Foundation Team

I joined in February 2021 and my role is to holistically support care-experienced young people to realise their full potential by accessing meaningful pathways to education and employment.


I am extremely passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others, particularly vulnerable young people, and possess a wealth of knowledge and experience across a range of multifaceted settings i.e. local authorities, youth offending, and alternative provisions with particular focus around planning and delivering innovative programmes and bespoke interventions.


Career advice that I would share is: lifelong learning is an integral part of your development so always remember to develop a new skill(s) and share on your journey – never stop investing in yourself!